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    Hey everyone,
    I am currently a Midshipmen at USMMA, and I have a buddy that is Active Duty Army that wants to come here. Does anyone know if that is a possibility? I know USNA and USMA allow it, but I am not sure about here. Thanks!
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    Don't know for sure, but I would imagine that he would have to jump through all of the hoops that anyone else does and start at Indoc for his class, assuming he gets in.
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    I googled USMMA prior enlisted and it took my right to a page with tons of info. It gives requirements, eligibility, process, etc. Recommend your buddy start there and then ask specific questions to admissions as needed.
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    I hope it's not too late and I can share some knowledge. Your buddy will need to read the Army Regulation, and become familiar with it, because his chain of command will have no idea how to handle it. Here goes:

    1. Your buddy can submit a DD368 to be released, if appointed, and sent to the Academy. This is very straightforward. However, I don't recommend it. Why? Because then the costs of moving and everything will be on it. The military will not pay for anything.


    2. Refer to AR 612-205. It's pretty straightforward. However, I will point you to the meat of it: Page 4, Section I, sub-section 4, paragragh d:

    "Unit commanders will issue PCS orders for active duty personnel to attend USMA or USMAPS."

    The AR is a few pages long so print it out and read it. While the regulation focuses on West Point, it also mentions "service academies" thus the AR applies to USMMA also. USMMA is in a unique spot. It belongs to the gov't but it's not fully, fully considered by gov't agencies as a "service academy". If you don't believe me, google it. However, for purposes of your buddy's transition, AR 612-205 will suffice.
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    My guess on DD368 is that you are requesting conditional release to Naval Reserve (I don't know when the accession into Naval Reserve occurs. It definitely happens after graduation if USMMA midshipmen don't access into other branches)

    Best to contact USMMA as AR621-205 does not cover USMMA - from AR 612-205, page 1,

    "Section I, Introduction, 1. Purpose

    This regulation contains procedures for processing and strength accounting of US Army members appointed as cadets or midshipmen at the US Military, Naval, Air Force, or Coast Guard Academies and civilian personnel appointed as cadets at the US Military Academy (USMA). "

    On the same page,

    "d. Personnel accountability.
    (1) Personnel accepted for appointment to academies other than USMA will be reported by the US Army Student Detachment, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, under one of the following headings:Naval Academy, US Coast Guard Academy, or US Air Force Academy students."
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    Contact Admissions

    Telephone: (516) 726-5644 (x5643 or x5646)
    Toll Free Number: 1-866-546-4778
    FAX: (516) 773-5390

    Armed Forces Enlisted Personnel

    An individual who enters the Academy in an enlisted status in a component of the U.S. Armed Forces or U.S. Coast Guard will not have their existing military service obligation (MSO) terminated. However, attendance at the Academy may or may not be credited towards fulfillment of an MSO, depending on the circumstances of each case and the military department involved. Disposition of enlisted members of the U.S. Armed Forces who are admitted to the Academy and accept appointment as Midshipman, MMR, USNR, is addressed in Title 10 United States Code, Section 516, as well as in applicable service regulations. An enlisted member of the U.S. Armed Forces seeking admission to the Academy should obtain additional details and guidance from their command personnel office or career counselor.

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