Transfer Scholarships


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Jun 24, 2016
I am a college freshman. I am transferring to a school next fall that offers AFROTC. How do I apply for a AFROTC scholarship? I can't complete the online application on the official website because it is only for high school students, correct?

Actually it depends on how many college credits you will have when you apply. If you went only part time this year than you can still apply for HSSP. Otherwise ICSP is going to be your route.
It's an In-College Scholarship Program -- specifically for cadets already in college, like yourself. I'm not sure if having 54 credits puts you as a sophomore though. It does at my school, and most public schools. 30 credits completed = sophomore 60 = junior, etc.
Does anyone know if I am able to transfer to that school and begin the upcoming fall with a scholarship in hand? Do I have to spend a semester in the AFROTC program first?