Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)


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Oct 6, 2008
Will the incoming plebe candidate need to obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) prior to arriving for indoc in July?
TWIC is reality for the maritime community.
You can always call for information...that's the safest bet.
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I knew I read it somewhere...

it is on page one of the Plebe Parents Handbook 2008 Plebe Parent Tips.pdf

New requirement for Class of 2012: You must obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) and it will cost you $132.50. I can‟t emphasize enough how important it is to not delay applying for this credential.
To obtain a TWIC your son/daughter must go to a Transportation Security Administration enrollment center twice, once for enrollment, the second time to pick up the TWIC. Enrollment and pick-up must be done at the same enrollment center.
Once you enroll, there will be a six to eight week wait to pick up the TWIC, so enroll early. There is NO expedited process for an additional fee like passports.
Here‟s the website to pre-enroll and schedule an appointment and I highly recommend this procedure:
When pre-enrolling, indicate the purpose for the card is for employment as a Merchant Mariner and that the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy is the employer.

Consult the Logging In Reporting Instructions: for procedures if you do not have sufficient time to obtain a TWIC before reporting for indoc.

Depending on where you live your future plebe candidate may be able to obtain the TWIC card once they are on campus. We live over 200 miles away from the closest processing center in Texas. After Indoc students were taken to a processing center by the school to sign up for the card. It was very easy that way.
500 miles from nearest location

We are almost 500 miles from the nearest location in Oregon. How do we find out if they will be able to do this after Indoc?

From the 2012 Logging In Reporting Instructions:

Proof of obtaining a TWIC may be demonstrated to the Academy in several ways, listed in priority order:

(1) Mail the TWIC to Midshipmen Personnel along with your Passport prior to your arrival.
(2) Surrender the TWIC during in-processing at the Academy.
(3) Show proof of enrollment for a TWIC during in-processing at the Academy by providing a copy of the receipt from the enrollment center if you have not yet been notified that the TWIC is available for pick-up. The student in this case will have to pick up the TWIC at the first opportunity (e.g., authorized leave period in which the student travels to the vicinity of the enrollment center), then surrender the TWIC to Midshipmen Personnel.
(4) Provide a written statement to Midshipmen Personnel during in-processing that states the nearest enrollment center was more than 200 miles from your home and/or would have represented a significant burden on the student or family to enroll for a TWIC prior to reporting. In this case, the Academy will arrange for the student to obtain the TWIC some time during the academic year at the New York City enrollment center. The student must provide the funds to pay for the TWIC, either credit card or check (no cash).

We live in North Dallas and the closed center is over 200 miles away in South Houston. S is planning to go with option 4 above and provide a statement during INDOC registration.
Plebe D was taken to apply for her TWIC since we were unable to do it beforehand. The one caution I have is that you are all working off of the Logging In directions for class of 2012. Be sure to double check the class of 2013 instructions once they are posted. This is a fairly new requirement and the requirement for class of 2012 was adjusted before I-day. Semper gumby!:wink:

TX2KP - We also live in Dallas. Have you attended any parent club meetings yet?

To TX2KP - yes, we have attended several meetings. My S is in the class of 2012.
JMC0759 - We are attending the February 15 meeting, will you be there?

Yes, hopefully we will see you there.