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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Mikeandcris, Nov 7, 2011.

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    We're USAFA parents and just returned from football game against Army. First, kudos to Army's team, fans, etc who we met...everyone was first class. And yes, it should have been 28-0 at half. We're thinking of visiting West Point next year to see the USAFA game. Can some of you provide some tips on travel and where to stay? Flying into NYC seems obvious, but where do folks stay...near West Point or closer to NYC or elsewhere? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Mike
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    When visiting DS we fly into Newark (EWR) and stay in Nanuet. Unlike the Air Force Academy situated beside a city, West Point is rather isloated. Highland Falls is very small and only has a handful of motels and their rates go up with every event at USMA.

    Don't limit your flights to New York City, depending on your airline of choice there are several airports within driving distance. Stewart is closest but has limited choices. We fly to EWR because that is where SWA takes us.
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    If you plan to rent a car I'd also consider flying into White Plains and skip the NYC/NJ traffic

    For accommodations in the area we mostly use Fishkill. Newburgh is also an option, but the hotels vary more there, and Fishkill is just across the river with many more restaurants, etc.

    You can also go West a bit, forget the names of the town, but it's West of Highland Falls/USMA.

    Nanuet and Mowah in NJ are also options, but you have more traffic, and toll interstates. (But may be closer to the airport if flying out of Newark)

    There are options in Highland falls, but they are very expensive for what you get, largely unavailable, etc.

    And for the ultimate USMA experience you can stay at the Thayer on post. Prices and availability vary. We've stayed there when it was $10 more than the Holiday Inn Express in Highland Falls. And not stayed there when it was $400/night! It's an old stone hotel, so rooms are not large, but the ones we've seen have been fairly nice and had a historic feel.
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