Travis Manion 2020 9/11 Heroes Run

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Sep 27, 2008
For those interested. There are also ways to support virtually.

And if you are unfamiliar with Travis Manion, a USNA grad:

“If not me, then who?”
This marker is aboard Camp Barrett where Manion Hall houses TBS students. The TBS gym, Ramer Hall, has inspirational quotes posted on large placards all around the interior. Travis's quote is among the quotes of Marine legends like Puller, Mattis, Daly, and Lejeune. My school does a community service event every year with the Travis Manion Foundation. The TMF has a solid rating from Charity Navigator. They are good people with a great mission.

^^^^ Nice!

Good point raised by at @Devil Doc - the mention of Charity Navigator. It and Guidestar are two well-known organizations which evaluate non-profits on many points, especially how they spend money. With the proliferation of veteran-military-related non-profits, one of the first things I do if being asked to get involved with a vet-mil NPO is see if they are rated by either of these two groups. You can see what percentage of intake goes to overhead, including salaries, which tells you how efficient they are.

Granted, there are perfectly fine NPOs which are too new or too small to seek a rating
I first learned of Travis from my son who lived in Manion Hall while at TBS. After reading the article I forwarded it to my son as both a reminder and to tell him I hoped he had such a friend.
Kids of a career Marine, Travis and his sister were born at Camp Lejeune with Travis being born in 1980. I was with 2ndMarDiv in 1980 but finagled my way into the hospital when I wasn't in the field or otherwise employed. I was there so much in my final months they forgot I wasn't Nav Hosp personnel and made me senior corpsman of the ER. I looked up 19 Nov 1980 and it was a Wednesday. That close to Thanksgiving I was probably in the hospital the day he was born. I never met him or any of his family, but am reminded of the great pride and awesome burden of having a son in a job such as his. I cannot imagine and never want to know the immense pain that comes with seeing the chaplain walking up the sidewalk.

This link is from the Force Recon Assn site. It's lengthy but has lots of information.

Travis's father has spoken at some events here and there is always an "If not me then Who?" presentation at NJ Boys State. Great organization with worthy goals.