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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by jerzgirl, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I am an anxious mom with a silly question. If you are triple q'd (received a letter) does that mean your file was brought up for the Thursday review? Then also, if you didn't get an appointment, you are in the pile that is waiting to be determined???
    Also, if you are triple qualified and have a MOC nomination, but no appt. does that mean you will not be offered another route to the academy such as NAPS (which I guess you wouldn't need because you are already schol. qualified) or Foundation.
    I know this must be all over the forums, but I just can't find it again.
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    the answer to all of those question (to the best of my knowledge) is if you don't have an appointment or an offer to a Naps so some other preparatory program, They are still reviewing your case. I have never heard of anyone receiving a rejection letter anytime before April. If you have a Nomination and are triple q'd you are still in the running. They may look at your application a couple times before they decide on it. They want to make sure they get the very best applicants so they want to wait for all the medical waivers and such things go through the system before they make the bulk of their appointments. So if you have everything done now is the time to just wait...

    But, if you don't like waiting you can always try to update your candidate file, They like to see that you are constantly improving yourself.
    Again this is only to the best of my knowledge If I'm wrong I hope some one will correct me. But this system is why so many of us are waiting. ahhh... if only I had gotten an LOA....
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    Raven has it right, If you haven't yet heard, you're still in the running. If you receive an accolade or complete a significant new accomplishment, send in an update to your BGO.

    Keep the faith, enjoy the senior year.
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    Yes. It means USNA has found you qualified medically, physically and academically.

    Sort of. If you are triple Q'ed and have a nomination and haven't been told that you've received an appointment and haven't been sent a rejection letter, USNA has PROBABLY not yet decided whether to offer you an appointment. Or, they may have made the decision but have yet to notify you. If you don't have a nom, an appointment is MUCH less likely but still possible.

    That is generally true. Unfortunately, there are some folks who are "too qualified" for NAPS/Foundation but don't get appointments.

    Also, it is not true that rejection letters don't go out until April. The first ones went out this week. As a general rule, however, the early rejection letters are for those who didn't complete their packets or those who are clearly not in the running for an appointment. Those who are triple Q'ed typically aren't rejected (if they will be rejected) until quite late in the process.

    Finally, USNA has in years past had a wait list. I BELIEVE USNA will tell you where you stand on the wait list. Whether you get selected depends on how many people offered appointments turn them down. Not sure there will be one this year.

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