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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by SA2017, May 27, 2012.

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    the person from my congressional district turned down their appointment to USNA. when do the MOCs find out if they have two slots or one for USNA for the class of 2017? I am assuming USNA Admissions board went to the waitlist but if there was no one on the waitlist from our congressional district it may stay open and two slots will be available next year. Can someone correct me on this?
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    I cannot answer your question but I would recommend you drop down to the Nominations threads below. Ask your question there too. You may get more replies there. :thumb:
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    At this point in time a major consideration may be how close USNA is to its majic number, ie, its target class size. Other than that, I suspect you are getting into an area with too many variables to lend itself to a pat answer. So far as when does the MOC get information on how many slots he/she will have in the next cycle, that probably could be made available anytime the MOC requested it, but would expect that information would be generally available once the dust settles on the Class of 2016, ie Aug/Sep.

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