Two application site questions


Jun 11, 2017
We have learned so much from this site, I am so excited to have found it. My DS is currently in interviewee status for ARTOC and interviews next week. I have two questions about the application though. He has been writing his essays in a google doc and will cut/paste on the site when finished. My question is, once he pastes them and then clicks save at the bottom of the page is that it, are they set in stone or will he still have the ability to edit and make changes?
Secondly, two of his activities wont "save" on the activities page. I was wondering if anyone had any idea why. All of this others saved fine but when he puts in JROTC Leadership Challenges from 9th, 10th and also JROTC Battalion Commander for 12th it adds them, but then when you click the final save at the bottom of the page they disappear. He has tried many many times. I wondered if the BT Com wouldnt save b/c its 12 grade and he hasnt started 12th yet, but he has already been named to it for the Fall?! And I have no guess on why it wont save the JCLC b/c they were years ago. Thanks!
It's been two years since my son went through the application processes for both ROTC and three accademys, so my recollection may be off, but I believe with the ROTC app once it is in it is final. The ROTC experts here will correct if that is wrong. Need to make sure it is polished up, and within the character limits. Let it breathe and age for a couple days, then read it again. Once it feels like it is so good it should be published, submit it.
I am currently applying for arotc. It should let you put in activities for 12th grade year, i would email the arotc contact email and let them know it won't save. Also, you can still edit the essays after clicking save!