Umbilical Fistula?


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Apr 5, 2007
My son had some bleeding from his navel. The surgeon stated that he had a umbilical fistula. CT scan of abdominal area with emphasis on umbilical area was negative. The surgeon basically performed a small (relative) procedure to close the fistula and suture the opening of the navel. My son is 3 days post op without any problems and will be going back in 4 more days to have the sutures removed. The exploration did not show any other problems. Is this reportable? The surgeon stated that he should not have any other problems.
The surgeon stated that it was a "distal remnant" close to the umbilicus itself. My son is already working out and seems to be relieved to have this behind him. Any insight would be appreciated nursey poo.
As long as it only affected the dermis, and didn't intrude into the abdominal cavity, and the corrective actions that were taken did not intrude into the abdominal cavity, and as long as the physician has given your son a release to full activities (probably after the suture removal) I don't believe there will be a problem.

I would definitely submit copies of all medical records to both DoDMERB and the admissions office.