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Aug 24, 2006
Just asking if I am interrupting the Dodmerb notice correctly. The results posted on the Dodmerb website list the following codes:
R250.10 – Pending waiver review by USNA
D155.71 – Myopia…
D257.70 – Unaided acuity worse than 20/40

The Dodmerb report that came via the US Postal Service basically states that son does not meet medical standards and only lists only one condition:

“Myopia – refractive error greater than -6.00 diopters (sphere component only)”

Then says he can ask for a waiver. The letter goes on to state regrets and good luck with your other endeavors. The attached (to the Dodmerb letter) standard form says that USNA applicants do not need to ask for a wavier, if son is competitive for an offer of admission, USNA will automatically address potential waiver.

I am confused. Is his application dead in the water or does he stand a chance for a waiver if he is found to be competitive? Any clarification or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

The D257.70 – Unaided acuity worse than 20/40 is a "soft" administrative disqualification for the Naval Academy, meaning that if that was the only issue your son had, he would have been medically qualified and the D257.70 would have been decided by the admissions office. That is why only the D155.71 shows on the letter.

For the Naval Academy your son does not have to request a waiver, the letter from DoDMERB is a generic letter that has to cover every service academy and ROTC program, and of course they are all different.

You son is not dead in the water at this point in time, his package will go to the wavier authority if/when admissions decides he is a competitive candidate.
Grateful for your reply


Thanks again for your reply. My son has never wanted anything in life as much as he wants to attend USAN. This is great news! He is working very hard to be as competitive as possible. Nominations are next...
Thanks again.
I got the same letter today and I freaked out for a bit until I remembered reading this! Time to wait...