Uniform costs

@brmelissa Can't wear anything but uniform as a freshman anyway. We get issued more than enough of everything and don't use a lot of items except for on special occasion but are still required to both purchase and have all issued items. Between the uniforms and the laptop that will eat up a good portion of cadet pay. Last month I got $0.96 in pay and next month should be around the same but I got $1200 of advance pay to help pay for textbooks and other expenses the month before. Bottom line, as a freshman and sophomore most paychecks will get taken up by loan repayment for issued items.
@Tx2AFA Thank you so much for that information. How many different uniforms do y’all have?
This is an interesting read, list of items issued is included: https://www.usafa.edu/parents/cadet-financial-information/
Can I make a suggestion that the Internet is the absolute worst place to get legal (including tax) advice ! A Midshipman/Cadet is not a dependant....you might be able to make an argument for Plebe year ..but after that you are asking for a fraudulent return penalty.
As to the travel deduction..thats a personal choice not necessity. In other words, your Cadet/Midshipman is coming home because they (or Mom and Dad) want them too--enjoy it now, as you will see your DS/DD a lot less as the years go on! I think I made it back to my home state twice while on active duty.