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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by FlyingIrish1992, Feb 13, 2011.

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    On my resume, I listed “_____ College Dean’s List (12th Grade)” as an academic honor. Let me explain: as a senior, in addition to college-credit classes @ my high school, I’m currently taking 3 courses/semester (12 credits/semester, 24 total) AT a local private college through a dual enrollment program. Courses are Latin I and II, Calculus I and II, philosophy, and theology. The high school pays for all but the calc classes. I listed the dean’s list because I thought it might improve my application (make me look academically driven-that sort of thing). But now I’m worried because I understand that students who are fully-enrolled in college will be disqualified from ROTC HSSP. And I DO NOT want to be mistaken for a fully-enrolled college student because of this “honor.” So should I contact someone, like my local recruiter, or even someone at Maxwell AFB, to explain? My application will be reviewed at the upcoming Feb. board, so there should still be time.

    I would VERY much appreciate if someone could provide a specific name, email address, etc. of someone I can contact for resolving this issue.

    Also, as long as I’m posting this, could someone PLEASE answer this question—is there any way that it can “look bad” to apply for more than one ROTC program? Or does it only work in one's favor?
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    Deep breaths.

    The AFROTC is looking at your transcript, and they will see you are a HS kid. HSSP is for college SRs when it comes to their AFSC...they won't be confused.

    Trust me, many states have the program you are in, it is commonly referred to as JUMP START.

    There is no need to resolve this issue aka contacting Maxwell.

    ROTC boards do not know if you applied to other service branches, thus, it is a no harm, no foul.

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