Unit/Duty Station Choice?

Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by Full Metal Bulldog, Jun 18, 2013.

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    These forums are a Pandora's Box, for better or worse, of information of how a cadet of an officer ascension program selects/gets selected for their branch/career path/job, whatever one wants to call it, in the military.

    However, is it possible, specifically for AROTC, for a newly commissioned officer to select or have an influence in the selection of his duty station or unit? I would assume it is an OML or ADSO system if there is....
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    Depending on what branch you receive, you will also put a wish list for Duty Station. OML comes into play here as well. You can also ADSO for your Duty Station. Your branch will have a lot to do with it as well, some units will have several slots for your branch while others will have just a few.

    Some branches, like Aviation do not select Duty Stations prior to commissioning. The Duty Station is determined toward the end of training and by what Airframe you select.

    Think hard about using the ADSO for your Duty Station, you'll only be there for roughly 3 years and it may not be worth the added Service Obligation. Seems like everyone ADSO's for Italy though.
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    Its possible to switch Duty Stations

    For Infantry, DS moved switched after Ranger School. Complicated process which can only begin if there is an opening. Both stations must approve. I believe he also said that another pair of 2LTs switched with each other.
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    My DS was part of that other pair. Got the deal done with 15 mintes to spare.

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