University Courses to Mimic Plebe Year

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by JJaeger, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Can anyone tell me how close these course descriptions match the USNA plebe year calc and chem classes? (speaking in regards to admission from college)
    CEM141: General Chemistry- Elements and compounds; reactions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; atomic structure; chemical bonding; states of matter; solutions; acids and bases; aqueous equilibria.
    MTH132: Calculus I- Limits, continuous functions, derivatives and their applications. Integrals and the fundamental theorem of calculus.

    I also have two political science courses (Intro American National Government and Intro International Relations) as well as Military Science. I figure my "history course" (USNA recommended) is covered by these, but what about English? My university validated that based on my IB exam (6 on HL).
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    You might check out the USNA catalog that is available at However, as a general rule, a basic college Calc I and Chem I (with lab) course will be fine.

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