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Oct 6, 2008
My son spoke to his appointed LT. He was initially offered NAPS But he changed his school schedule adding pre calc and other AP classes. He then sent them his first and second marking period report cards showing that he excelled in Pre Calc. The LT then withdrew his NAPS appointment and re introduced him to the board with his updated academics. The LT told him that he passed the board by one vote. Now, does this one vote mean scholastically qualified or accepted into the acacdemy. Thats how it was left. please advise.
Does your son have a principal nomination from a MOC? If not, he may now be 3Qed and at the bottom of the national pool--say 2000th out of 2100 that are 3Qed. Those people will most likely not make it off the list and receive an appointment. I don't know how the academy will handle your son's situation, but he may have gone from a sure appointment next year, via NAPS, to purgatory this year. Ask the LT, though; he will probably tell you what it means. Good luck.
I cannot see you candidate's record but the post is a bit confusing. When you refer to your LT do you mean the Regional Director? Is your BGO involved in this at all? If the Admission Board has offered your candidate a NAPS offer how can a LT rescind? I am also not sure how your candidate could get a NAPS offer without being Triple Q'd by the Admissions Board. Also, who is telling you about how the Admissions Board voted on your candidate???

Difficult to offer good advice here. Best of luck for you candidate. I do agree with the qwerty though, if your candidate was offered NAPS and then rescinded as you wrote...wow...you candidate dodged the right jab but leaned into the left hook...unless he was given a conditional offer, an LOA? Does not compute.
I'm also a bit confused and, as Parkhurst states, without an entire record we can only guess. My GUESS (and it's only that) is that the initial review of the record suggested a strong candidate who needed additional academic prep -- hence NAPS. When the 1st semester grades came in, the Board felt that the academics were ok and thus the person didn't "need" NAPS.

However, as an earlier poster said, you could end up in "no man's land" -- too qualified for NAPS but not well enough qualified to get one of the appointments from the national pool. Then again, USNA may now plan to give him an outright appointment.

You may want to call your regional director (whom I assume is the "LT" to whom you refer) and ask for clarification.