Updating Resume


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Oct 18, 2008
I would like to know how I should update my resume. I have a few things I want to add and I was thinking that I would just send my regular resume to the admissions office. Is that how I should do it? Should it include a goal statement? Should I highlight what's different?

Some of the new achievements on my resume have boxes that could have been checked on the online activities form. Should I enclose a separate sheet of paper informing the admissions office that those can now be checked or will it not matter since they should have the information on my resume?

I had a few individuals update information on their application. Generally speaking, it should be additional information that normally would have gone on the application. If so, we had them COPY and PASTE their online into a WORD type document. Then they just ADDED what they wanted to that pasted copy. They used bold and 1 larger font, for the items/description that they were adding. Then they contacted the academy counselor and asked them how they wanted it sent. 1 said to email it. Another time, they were told to Snail Mail it. In both cases, they decided to do both. Email and snail mail. Either way, it should be overlaid in the portion of the application that it normally would have gone into. Definitely contact the counselor. Later... mike....
I contacted my admissions counselor about this and she said that I would have to send any updated information signed by a counselor or coach to make it official i guess.