USAFA 2018 Summer Seminar Results


PA-10, maybe USAFA 23'
Jan 30, 2018
I would've appreciated one of these when I was applying to SS, so I wanted to create a pretty simple results thread for future classes to gauge their chances. Just copy and paste and fill in the blanks
*FYI: Summer seminar does not reflect your chances of an appointment! It is mostly a recruiting gig

Congressional District:
GPA (Out of 4.0):
SAT (Out of 1600):
PSAT(Out of 1520):
Athletic Achievement:
Civic Involvement:
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10):
Why USAFA Essay(Rate yourself out of 10):
I'll go first...
Decision: accepted! will attend session 1
Congressional District: PA-10
GPA (Out of 4.0): 3.93
SAT (Out of 1600): 1520
PSAT(Out of 1520): NA
Athletic Achievement: 5 varsity letters between soccer and tennis, and a few team district titles
Civic Involvement: Life Scout in Boy Scouts, and C/TSgt in Civil Air Patrol
Leadership: Founder and president of an aerospace club at my school
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 6/10 Pretty poorly written, wrote the night before it was due
Why USAFA SS Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 8/10
Decision: Accepted. session A
Congressional District: KY-02
GPA (Out of 4.0): 4.0
SAT (Out of 1600): N/A SAT is for nerds! the act is where it's at!
PSAT(Out of 1520): 1160
ACT (out of 36): 26
Athletic Achievement: Varsity tennis, Taekwondo, volleyball
Civic Involvement: Eagle Scout, Library volunteer, NHS
Leadership: TSA president, STLP president, STLP engineer, Academic Team captain
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 9/10 I used my GSP essay
Why USAFA Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 6/10 I put it together last minute.
Decision: accepted. Attending Session A
GPA: 3.91
PSAT: 1360
Athletic Acheivement: Varsity Track and Field. A few 5k wins, national junior olympics in high jump.
Civic Involvement: Girl Scouts, Red Cross, Ada Jenkins Center, NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Honors Society, Peer Tutoring, Key Club, Caterpillar Ministries, Student athletic trainer, Presidents Volunteer Community Service award 5 years in a row, and so on...
Leadership: EPIC (Engineering and Physics Innovators Club) founder and president, FFA treasurer, broiler showing, amateur dog shower and trainer, Davidson LifeLine Representive and Sole teen lesion, Lake Norman Leader Life Group, Davidson United Methodist Church worship leader, and so on...
Character Essay(rate yourself out of 10)- 9/10. I felt like my essay was pretty good. I wrote about having a disabled, single mother and having to take on responsibility after my father left.
Why USAFA Essay (rate yourself out of 10)- 5/10. I’m pretty sure everyone probably put just about the same thing. Mine wasn’t that original.
Decision: NOT selected
Congressional District: CA-7
GPA (Out of 4.0): 3.9 (4.3 weighted)
SAT (Out of 1600):
PSAT(Out of 1520): 1350
Athletic Achievement: Wrestling Captain; Varsity Wrestling (10th and 11th); JV Wrestling (9th); Marathon Runner (11 marathons since age of 9)
Civic Involvement: Police Dept. Explorer (3 years); JSA; Key Club officer; CSF (CA Scholarship Federation) officer; AVID tutor
Leadership: Above plus Vice-President of Math Club; President of Marathon Club; President of Weightlifting Club
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 7/10
Why USAFA Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 6/10
Decision: NOT Selected
Congressional District: CA-45
GPA (Out of 4.0): 3.97
SAT (Out of 1600): 1540
PSAT(Out of 1520): 1440
Athletic Achievement: Track and Field (JV, 2 years), Taekwondo (2nd degree black belt), Scholar Athlete (Concurrent Enrollment in Sport with Minimum GPA)
Civic Involvement: Eagle Scout, CSF, NHS, Personal Tutor (part time job), Love of God Club, Investing Club
Leadership: ASPL, Church Storytelling Ministry (journalism), Personal Tutor (part time job)
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 7/10 (pretty meh)
Why USAFA Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 5/10 (probably unoriginal and admittingly bland)
Decision: Accepted, 1st
Congressional District: OH-15
GPA (Out of 4.0): 3.84 (4.13 weighted)
ACT (out of 36): 32
Athletic Achievement: Water Polo (2 years Varsity - All State), Swimming (3 year Varsity - State Finalist) (Recruited USAFA Athlete)
Civic Involvement: Life Scout, Student Council (3 years), Student Foundation (3 years)
Leadership: ASPL, 6th Grade Camp Counselor, Swim Lesson Instructor
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 8/10 I wrote a lot about the good I do for others
Why USAFA Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 9/10 Phonetically, 6/10 Originality
Decision: Accepted, session A
Congressional District: MD-08
GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1340
PSAT: 1280
Athletic Involvement: JV Soccer and Lacrosse (9,10). Varsity Lacrosse (11). Rec basketball (11). Club Lacrosse (9). Cross-Country Soaring (9, 10, 11; gliding is more of a non-athletic sport :/).
Civic Involvement: Life Scout (BSA), C/1st Lt (CAP). NHS, Mu Alpha Theta (NMHS), NSHS, 4-H summer camp.
Leadership: ASPL (BSA), Aerospace Officer/Flight Commander/CAC Representative (CAP), group leader at a 4-H summer camp I attend.
Character Essay: 9/10; I wrote about my brother and his battle with bi-polar disorder and how that has affected the lives of myself and my family.
Why USAFA Essay: 7/10; Pretty similar to about everyone else I'm guessing, however I expressed deep interest into the soaring and acrobatic gliding teams.
Decision: NOT accepted
District: FL-08
GPA: 3.6
PSAT: 1400
Athletic: swim team (9 10) varsity letter 9, football (11) varsity letter, lacrosse (8 9 10 11) varsity lettter 9 10 11. Captain 10, 11.
Civic: Eagle Scout, NHS, NEHS, president volunteers service award
Leadership: E3 naval sea cadets, life guard (10hrs a week) and swim team coach, BSA summer camp counselor, VBS summer camp counselor, school Summer camp counselor
Char essay: 6/10
Why Essay: 8/10
Decision: Not Accepted
Congressional District: IL-03
GPA (Out of 4.0): 4.0
SAT (Out of 1600):
PSAT(Out of 1520): 1290
Athletic Achievement: Club Soccer (9,10,11), JV Golf (10), JV Soccer (9,10)
Civic Involvement: Aide at public library, NHS, Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Student Council, Model UN (1 year)
Leadership: Officer for Key Club, Officer for Student Council
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 7/10
Why USAFA Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 5/10 -It was a bit generic.
Decision: Accepted (With scholarship covering tuition and air fare)
Congressional District: PA-14
GPA (Out of 4.0): 3.82
SAT (Out of 1600): 1420
PSAT(Out of 1520):
Athletic Achievement: Varsity Track and Field & XC, Junior Varsity Soccer (just freshmen year), some wins at invitationals for track, indoor track (club sport at my school so no varsity/lettering)
Civic Involvement: Volunteering at the local hospital, teaching sunday school, NHS, Interact Club
Leadership: Camp Counselor for a couple of summer camps
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 8/10 (I focused a lot on how I was a muslim female, and my struggles with that. I also talked about how I like helping others)
Why USAFA Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 7/10
Accepted, attending session B!
District OH-9
3.8 something
1430 PSAT
MB, Track, XC, Swimming, V and JV
Positions in the previous activities.
ACT: 36
PSAT: 1500
Varsity XC, Captain+Varsity Track
My School's Grant Board(a philanthropic organization that awards grants to youth-led projects), Peer Resources, Volunteer Teacher at a program for disadvantaged youth, Youth Representative on my town's Open Space Committee.
Outdoor Leadership Emphasis(School program similar to Scouts), Mock Trial Pretrial Attorney and Pretrial Student Coach, Founder of my school's Engineering club.
Decision: Accepted with Merit Scholarship
Congressional District: NJ-03
GPA (Out of 4.0): 3.8
SAT (Out of 1600): 1190
PSAT(Out of 1520): N/A
Athletic Achievement: 8 Lettered Varsity
Civic Involvement: Church
Leadership: Swimming Captain
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 7/10
Why USAFA Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 7/10
Decision: Accepted, Session A !!!
Congressional District: TX-09
GPA (Out of 4.0): 3.8-4.0
SAT (Out of 1600): N/A
PSAT(Out of 1520): 1300
Athletic Achievement: JV Lacrosse (9), JV Gold Soccer (9,10), Tennis (10,11)
Civic Involvement: Church pianist, cantor; Church Youth District Council; Preaching Team @ school; Triple Trio (varsity girls' vocal ensemble); NHS
Leadership: Leadership Team on Youth Council, Preaching Team (leads school retreats)
Character Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 9/10 I talked about overcoming shyness and getting out of my comfort zone through auditioning for everything and facing rejection a lot and just putting myself out there.
Why USAFA Essay(Rate yourself out of 10): 8/10 Pretty generic (great first-hand and challenging experience...yada yada.... would be so excited to learn more about military life...yada yada) but I put effort into it to make it not sound too generic I guess