USAFA Applicant awaiting results


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Apr 11, 2017

I am new to the service academy forums. I have been looking through these all the time but I never posted until now.

I applied to all three service academies, and am still waiting to hear back from USMA and USAFA (I never received a nomination for USNA so I got a TWE from them a while back). I have nominations for both the USAFA and USMA and am medically cleared for both.

USAFA gave me a medical waiver on the 22nd of March and I haven't heard back from them since then. I keep hearing about April 15th on this site and am hoping I get some form of response on or before then.

If it is relevant to you I have a 3.6 GPA (our school does not weight GPA's, so that is the unweighted score), 1440 SAT, and maxed out all components to the CFA except the basketball throw, and I am the Track/XC captain of my team. I also have varsity years on baseball and golf, and a bunch of other extra curricular activities but I'm not really looking to put my whole resume on here right now.

Do I still have a shot or are the majority of slots already taken?

Yes, you still have a shot as long as you do not have a TWE. Yes, most of the slots are taken. And by the way, there are 5, not 3, federal service academies.
First time posting on this forum and had a medical waiver question. Has anyone ever heard of getting a LOA and medical waiver at the same time or will my portal change to not showing med DQ first? My profile is rather competitive and well rounded, that along with 4 nominations. Any thoughts are much appreciated.