USAFA Appointment List Class of 2025

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Sep 27, 2008
It’s October, Admissions is looking at the first puzzle pieces to make up the Class of 2025, LOAs are being drafted for some small number of the class, applications are coming in, nom interviews are starting up, DoDMERB hurdles are being tackled and the list begins.

General suggestions/guidance:

- Resist posting until there is an offer
of appointment in hand/portal and you have certainty.
- If you have an LOA, sit tight, wait until you have an actual offer of appointment. You will know it when you see it.
- This thread is not for USAFAPS or sponsored prep offers, save that good news for its own thread.
- Try not to go off on tangents and ask questions about other topics here, so “the list” is the primary focus.
- It’s recommended to not put your District, for privacy reasons. With the mosaic theory of intelligence, identities can be ferreted out and associated with your other questions or comments.
- “Direct” is usually taken to mean right from high school.

HOW TO ADD A NAME: This is DIY self-reporting and self-updating the full list. Mods don't update the list. Kindly posters occasionally do, but the burden falls on posters to copy the list, add their entry and post the updated list. Ditto for later edits from Undecided and then re-posting the entire updated list.

Method 1, on full website.
Copy the most recent list, paste into your new post, use the next number, enter your info in a similar format, post. If you don’t do this, and just post an entry and not the updated list, you risk the next poster updating the last list, the one without your name, and leaving you stranded and off the list.

Method 2, works well on mobile site on smartphone.
Start a new post by Quoting the most recent complete list. Delete the “quote stuff” at the beginning and end of the list. You now have a complete all-text list that will not act like a Quote. At the end of that list, choose the next number and add your entry. Post.

Don’t forget to go back and update Undecideds! Same methods as above, just edit your original entry

FORMAT for New Entry:

Next appointment number)
SAF forum name/self, DD, DS/LOA or No LOA/Date of Appointment Notification/Accepted or Declined or Undecided/Nom sources, including State, MOC or Sen/Other Nominations/via NAPS, Foundation prep, self-prep, college re-applicant or applicant, direct appoint from HS, enlisted

1)BaconFiend/DD/No LOA/Jan 7, 2025/Accepted/VA-Sen, Presidential Nom/direct appoint

For comparison, here is the Class of 2024 Appointment List. Previous years are easily searched for.

As has become my habit, I started this year’s USNA thread. When an appointee popped up in USMA land, I answered the call to joint duty and started this year’s USMA thread, which now has 3 count ‘em 3 entries. I am thinking USAFA will start to bubble soon, so here’s one for them. My copy and paste finger on iPhone needs a rest, but others may feel free to light off USCGA @LineInTheSand ??? and USMMA appointment threads for 2025.
Surprised nobody has posted any LOAs or acceptances yet. Could there be a delay due to COVID?
The trend over the last several years is that roughly 10% of a class posts their appointments here. Perhaps they haven’t found SAF this year.
Do you mind sharing his data points, GPA, ACT or SAT, extracurriculars, athletics, etc. what state are you from? Thanks and congratulations!!!
Everything except the nomination, including medically qualified. He has two of his nomination interviews scheduled.
Do you mind sharing his data points, GPA, ACT or SAT, extracurriculars, athletics, etc. what state are you from? Thanks and congratulations!!!