USAFA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

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    HOW TO ADD A NAME: This is self-reporting, self-updating and DIY. Mods don't update the list (kindly posters occasionally do, but the burden falls on posters). Copy the most recent list, paste into new post, add a number, enter your info in a similar format, post.

    (xxnumber) SAF forum name / Self, DD, DS / LOA or No LOA / Notified of Appointment Date / Accepted, Declined, or Undecided / State / Nomimation Source(s) / Direct Appointment, Prep School, College Re-Applicant, Etc. (items that are perenial topics)

    1) 2023Falcon / Self / LOA / 27-Nov-2017 / Accepted / CO / Congressional / Direct Appointment

    Note: You can always go back to update by copying the most recent list into a new post, updating your entry with data such as acceptance or declination, etc.