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    I recently received my nomination and came across a somewhat unsettling piece of information. Is it true that the Air Force Academy is only accepting your first nomination be it from a representative or a senator? And, if that is the case, doesn't this give those who obtain a representative's nomination a distinct advantage over those with a senator's first?(given the level of competition for each nomination)
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    I think you may be confusing this with MOCS that talk. In other words highly competitive states like CO, CA, TX. FL. NY, VA, etc. are known to only offer one nom. and request that candidates applying for a nom do not submit their name to their office if they have received a nom from another source.

    This is commonly referred to as sharing the wealth. Sometimes candidates from these states will get 2, but overall they are not like NC. NC MOC's do not talk, and it is not uncommon for the top candidates to have 3 noms. and that doesn't include Pres., VP and ROTC. Some actually can have 6 noms.

    The more you learn about the system the more you can understand it. In essence the AFA is making a giant jigsaw puzzle, but they don't have the box cover to let them see what the picture will be in the end. They have guidance, LOA with nom, Principal, multiple noms, 3 Q, WCS etc.

    The WCS is the key. Highest wins.

    The other problem with what you have read is how would they work the NWL, which is also how candidates live to fight another day.

    Right now the fact is if anyone said this yr for the AFA will not be cut throat would be blowing smoke up your arse. This will be the smallest class at the AFA in yrs. The graduating class of 2012 started with 300+ more than the class of 16 will have appointed.

    The competition will be stiff, but if you have 3 MOC noms, you still will compete on 3 slates. It doesn't mean you will be appointed, it just means you have 3 tries before you might be placed in the NWL pool.

    There is nothing you can do now, but wait, get good 7th semester grades, and make sure Plan B is ready to go if an apptmt doesn't arrive.

    Good luck, but more importantly in 8 months from now be at the AFA or at college you will have one regret. You spent too much time worrying about this, and not enough time making memories of laughter with family and friends. Those memories will motivate you when all you are left with at the end of a long day is your thoughts.
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    No, the USAFA will accept all nominations for the AFA that you receive from authorized nomination sources. Get as many as you can from all the sources that can you qualify for - President, Vice President, Senator, Congressman, ROTC, JROTC.

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