USAFA Online Application


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Jun 3, 2018
Hi everyone,

I am looking to apply to USAFA for the class of 2023. Currently, I am on the step of the online application and filling out all my basic information. For the "Academic Performance Information Page," it asks for unweighted GPA. To the best of my knowledge, the academy uses the 4.0 scale for admissions, while my school is based on a 4.3 scale. Is there a conversion I need to make or is there another step I am missing?
Also, regarding the SAT test scores. I have gotten my scores back from the first SAT test I took in April but took another one this past Saturday. When I get those scores back will I be able to update the scores I enter on the online application? I'm wondering the same about my GPA as I have not received my cumulative GPA for the end of my junior year yet as I still have a few weeks of school left.

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Jack Charbonneau
Jack -- others my have different advice or different experience, but I would advise you to do the following:

If the application will let you put in 4.3, go ahead and put in 4.3. If not, put in 4.0. Your guidance counselor will also submit your school transcript and that will not only includes your grades and GPA but also include your school's "profile" . . . the Academy will use that profile to try and "adjust" your score if they fill they need to. Our experience is that while GPA is important, the SAT/ACT scores will most likely have more weight that the school GPA.

Best wishes to you!
You won't be able to update your academic info page once you submit (without calling admission and going through all that). But while you can't change the SAT scores you i initially list, if you have the college board send scores direct to USAFA, they will eventually show up on your portal (long before you get an admissions decision). I applied for the class of 2022, and took the ACT in Feb of this year; got my scores and had them sent to USAFA, and they showed up in my portal (like 2 weeks before I got my rejection notice, lol).

If an A+ in ANY class is a 4.3 etc then that is unweighted and no adjustment needed; just report as a 4.3 scale etc.

If a 'B' [3.0/4.0] in an AP or honors class is counted as anything higher than 3.0 for GPA purposes that is weighted and you need to recalculate your GPA accordingly. It is common for AP classes to get a half or full grade bump for GPA purposes in order not to penalize HS students with the tougher curriculums.