USAFA Pre-Candidate Questionnaire


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Feb 1, 2021
When I get my new SAT scores will this update on my account automatically on the USAFA pre-candidate questionnaire login page?
If you want to submit a new SAT score you have to send it to USAFA via college board. It can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks for USAFA to update yours score. I’m not sure if the admissions team updates your scores during the pre-candidate phase, but once you become a candidate they will update as many scores as you send in.
Just be sure you have the testing facility forward the scores to USAFA. They will take your self-reported scores on the pre-candidate application but they want official scores directly from the testing folks once you are an "applicant" (which happens after March 1st) or a "candidate" (which happens after July 1st).
The SAT and ACT folks wait until all the tests of a certain date are completed, scored, and tabulated. They then "burn them" onto a "golden DVD" and send them to the universities, colleges, SA's, etc. Once that arrives, then admissions does their thing and will upload everything they receive. It may take a few weeks after you receive your scores, don't worry about it.

My advice to any candidate, not a pre-candidate, is to send a copy of their scores to their USAFA counselor the minute they receive them with an email "I just wanted to let you know I did this!!" It will make a positive impression and they may even load them from that (and confirm them later).

If I already have my SAT scores but I am still a junior (not a pre-candidate yet), should I send my scores anyways?