USCGA Admissions Channel on YouTube

prepare for a very unofficial 2012 remix of "I'm On a Boat" in a week or two as well ;)
Hopefully nothing the Coast Guard Office of Public Affairs will have to contact the Academy about...right?
nothing to worry about, LITS, I'm not trying to get restricted over spring break.
have seen some funny ones up there in the past. one was called "fun at CGA" and it involved two cadets in thier room with a floor buffer haha
It's called Rodeo Buffing, and that will get you "bagged" (had a good number of classmates that happened to). Rodeo Buffing can break the buffers (which are not cheap).
And just remember: "Its all fun and games until someone looses an eye!"

Unfortunately I was involved with a USNA Midshipman that that almost happened to. Lost his spec-warfare billet due to an injury because he was doing stupid stuff.

Same happens every year to hopefuls for the academies/ROTC programs. Doing stupid stuff that could possibly hurt you probably will, and could jeopardize your future!!

Not to burst any bubbles or anything!! :biggrin:
those are both valid points

im just saying that video is funny