USMA Accetance and Completing Freshman Year of College

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    Hey i've seen some other post about this but i feel like it would be best to start a new post so I can ask some questions. I am currently a freshman in college and was accepted to USMA my second time around. I know how the acceptance letter says a continuation of your academic excellence and all but the transcript I sent to USMA, after checking with the office of the registrar for my college said it would not of included new classes I registered for the upcoming semester and that it wouldn't of showed that I was even signed up for classes for next semester as it was mid decmenber when I sent it. So with this being said is USMA going to be expecting new grades for the sping semester. I only ask not that I want to be lazy and not finish this semester its just tat my mom has been out of work for a while and I feel like, especially considering I will be gone for a long time beginning in July, its my job to help my family out as much as possible while I still can as I am the oldest brother. I know asking on an anonymous forum is probably not the best idea when I could call someone at USMA but I dont want to ask the wrong questions so to speak and have them question my character. So in my situation should I call someone at USMA, finish it out, or do what I think is best for my family and come home until July? Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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    Sounds like you have it figured out but for some reason want someone to tell you what to do. Start with the assumption from West Point - you're in college and they expect you to be there through the spring semester.

    Best and path of least resistance - do the spring semester and get good grades

    Alternate - talk to your RC and explain your family situation and your desire to go home. They may still tell you that you need to do the spring semester or reapply next year (in whch case, sitting out a semester of college might really hurt if you can't get back in next fall and you need it to reapply).

    Worst - just go home and hope for the best. Hope is not a method. See above for your situation when they pull your offer.

    If you truly desire and NEED to be close to home for the spring - you best come to your RC with a plan - I have signed up for these courses at my local community college for this spring OR I will be working in this job to help support my family (contact info for employer) and will have my employer submit an evaluation on X date.
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    I certainly agree with calling the RC prior to making a decision. I would also talk to your Mom who I bet would say you should stay in school. And realistically, how much help could you be? Do you have a great job lined up for Mar-Jun that is going to pay you big bucks? Do you think the school is going to refund your tuition, R&B? I certainly understand your concern about your family and the need to rush in and do something, but you need to really assess what you can do. I would also have some thoughts and responses along these lines prior to calling the RC as I expect they may ask the same questions. I'd also be prepared to answer questions about what happens if your family is in the same situation come July?

    All that being said, if there really is some impact you can have at home I would bet you could sell it to the RC. As my son often tells me "Honor, Courage, Commitment Dad, but family first".

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