USMA Cadet Privileges


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Apr 19, 2020
I have seen a lot of back and forth on this subject, but I wanted to know if after plebe year you are allowed to have a personal Xbox or PlayStation in your room. Or if there is even a way to connect them to the internet.
I'm pretty sure it's company dependent. For what it's worth, when I went for an overnight, the cadet I shadowed and I switched off playing apex legends online with his XBOX.
All upperclassmen can have game systems, but Yuks are not allowed to play them during Evening Study Period (1930-2330). Some plebes I know brought theirs and played it without getting in trouble though. Depends on how close you are with the upperclassmen honestly. I always played games on my issued laptop and monitor with no worries. 23’ laptops handle games like Skyrim and Call of Duty pretty well so I’d assume 24’ could too FYI.