USMA Class of 2021-Accepted Appointments as of 29 March 2017 and projected class size

Thank you for the update Padre101. I am on the West Point Moms page--and have been stalking the West Point Admissions page...and have not seen anything so helpful.
It looks like there is a still a lot of opportunity in that class. Thank you.
At this point there is not much that one can do. My DS has his Plan B in order (Texas A&M), and is just waiting to see if he gets a USMA appointment or not. No matter what, this adventure has been such a ride!

Good Luck to all!!
Same plan B!
Thanks Padre101.
Its good to know where they are at.
My DD was fortunate enough to get an appointment and has met a lot of friend who also applied and are still waiting.
Its nice to know there is still a good chance for some of them.
And a chance for all the applicants as they have all worked so hard to get where they are and deserve acknowledgement
Great information! DS has LOA and finally received medical waiver last week. Hoping for the MOC call and BFE any day now. He can't wait to be part of the class of 2021.
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Just wanted to post an update. Bad news / Good news.
Bad news: DS received the TWE. No USMA for him this year.
Good News: Accepted to Texas A&M on a 4-Year Army ROTC Scholarship.

He is very happy to go to Texas A&M. He will be an officer in 4 years.

Thanks to all.
Any info on how many appointments have been tendered, as opposed to accepted?
Reliable source stated about 2000 total offers will be tendered to reach 1220 goal.
Reliable source stated about 2000 total offers will be tendered to reach 1220 goal.
That would mean that nearly everyone who is 3Q'D would get an appointment. Plus, in the past they had like an 85% acceptance rate on appointments.