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Harrison Morgan

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Oct 4, 2008
Does anybody know how many LOA's westpoint usually sends out all in all, and if its any more or less than the amount given out by navy? I'm a candidate to both so I was just wondering, thanks!
All I can tell you is I received my USMA LOA July 11, 2008 and my USNA LOA September 2, 2008. From what I gather the USMA LOA's are more academically based and I received mine before I had finished my USMA application. USNA, on the otherhand, did not consider me for an LOA until I had completed my entire application (excepting my nomination).

I hope this helps and I wish I could shed more light.

yeah? are you being recruited for a sport?
Swimming is my thing and i think that helped me get my LOA for Westpoint back in August, my recruiting trip up there was real nice
I got mine from navy a couple days ago so i'm gonna take a look and see what its like, only reason I asked was cause I wanted to know how common they are, it seems like a lot of people on these forms get one haha
Im not being recruited for a sport though I do plan on playing lacrosse and sprint football. My cousin is a firstie at West Point and it is really nice up there. I went to summer seminar and it is really awesome too. It all depends on what you wanna study and what you wanna do when you serve.
yeah definitely. what session of summer seminar were you? I was in the first one. I couldn't make the navy one though, I heard it was more intense than westpoint and that you were treated more like plebes.

so are you basically set for navy? If dodmerb is set than you're good to go cause i bet those nominations aren't gonna be a problem with 2 loa's
I only went to Navy's summer seminar and it was session one. I am all set with DODMERB and the academy and all i need are the nominations. I am leaning heavily towards navy (first choice) but i have army as an option and hopefully air force. Where are you from?
i'm from connecticut so westpoint is not far from being my backyard
major congrats dude i'm sure the noms will come with your loa, enjoy senior year
i've got dodmerb to work with, hopefully my remedials will work out alright cause then the nominations shouldn't be too tough hopefully.
i'm visiting navy soon, i'm sure that will be good fun i heard the city of annapolis is where its at. as much as i love west point the town of highland falls is a pretty quiet place if you like that.
for what it is worth my son received his USMA LOA early august and just received his USNA LOA yesterday. he is not being recruited for any sports.

good luck to you guys!
EagleDad - congratulations to your son!

Harrison Morgan - Annapolis is a cute and fun town for sure but NYC is a train ride from West Point. There is a ferry that runs across the river in fall and spring for the cadets to ride free to the train station. For $10 they can take the train into the city and ride the subway for free.
nominations and LOAs

any wisdom from anyone regarding an LOA and a congressional nomination particularly when a congressman uses the primary selection process and ranks their selections.

has anyone heard that some MOCs tend to not give a nomination to a kid with an LOA because they know the academy will find them one anyways??
1. If a candidate has an LOA it doesn't matter if they rank first or last. You only need "A" nomination. In this case, rank is irrelevant.

2. Yes. I think it is rare. This is why it is important to apply to all nominations for which you are eligible including the VPOTUS. The superintendent does have 50 nominations available. Since this doesn't not cover all of those with LOA's one must still make an effort to secure a nomination. One case I heard about the candidate did not get the appointment until well into the spring. Mid-late April, from what I recall.

Apply and assume that a nomination will be won. If for some reason your son is left off the list have him call admissions ASAP.
Well, today's mail brought an LOA for my son -- he is thrilled!! :biggrin: We visited after he received a letter saying he was triple q'd and he is convinced that this is where he belongs. I told him I didn't think it was a 100% certainty that he will be admitted (what if he doesn't get a nomination?) -- I was told to stop being a "debbie downer" (I am one to never count chickens until they're cooking in the oven (forget hatched)).

so, if he has been admitted to his safety school should we save our money and forego the application fees (and essays :rolleyes: ) for all of his reach schools?

Thanks for all the great advice on this forum -- we have learned so much about the process and how to get from point A to point B from some very kind and informative posters....
Oh and yes he has applied to all nomination sources and has had two interviews already...
Congratulations!! Get out the dramamine for the wild roller coaster ride!

What is the time table for your congressman? Our did nomination notification the week before Christmas. The do have until Jan 31 to submit the slate to the academy.

If you son would be happy with his safety school - in case of injury or illness or even a change of heart - then forget about the rest.
If he wants to leave his options open - that's okay too. There doesn't seem to be much point in applying to schools just to see if you will get accepted.

So stop being a "debbie downer" and celebrate!!! (if he doesn't get a nomination and he dutifully applied for them - don't worry, admissions will take care of it)
What exciting news! Congrats to your son!

I agree with what JAM said. If he has an LOA and has been tripled qualified, WP will find him a nomination if they have to. Now get out the bubble wrap to go with the dramamine. :wink:
Thanks!! We have no interest in seeing where else he can get in...just wanted to be cautious -- his safety is a large public (too large but good enough as a fall back and it meets his criteria of having a semi-competitive football team to follow)...but if he is good to go as a triple q w/ an loa, then I will stock up on the dramamine and pair it with a good bottle of wine...(for me).... given how long this process is, I am just proud of his ability to stick it out and jump through each hoop without prodding...

Thanks again!
It's been said elsewhere, and you probably already know, but your son should let the MOC's know that he got the LOA - it can make a difference.
And, part 2 of your question will be...should I pay the deposits to the safety school and attend orientation in case my son gets hurt and cannot report on R day? We decided to hope for the best and not throw unnecessary $ at other schools, once we had the appointment to USMA. It worked for our family...besides, you'll want that extra later so you can go and visit him next year!
I figured I would pay the tuition deposit but not the housing deposit for the safety -- we are in a suburb of the safety school city so worst case, he could live at home for a year (I think I'd lose my mind)....