USMA R day and other dates

Nov 14, 2017
DS received his appointment but not the packet yet. I am looking for the important dates like R day and A day and such to get our hotel/travel plans on the calendar. Can someone please share that with me. I have seen some conflicting dates in my searches here but I hate to book without concrete dates. Thanks
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The calendar won't be released for a bit...but we are all assuming Rday is the first Monday in July. Aday *should* be the 19th of August.
Comments were based on the fact that the official calendar will not be released until March/April. Congratulations on the appt w/ the official date posted. Those of us w/out a CC this year are not privy to such mailings. if R Day is July 2, do we book hotel July 1 or July 2?
I assume you are coming up day prior, so 1 July. Once you say goodbye you won't see him/her again. There is a parade at the end of the day. Once the doors close after the parade you are asked to leave.