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    I am currently a junior in high school, and striving to go to the USMA. Any feedback regarding opinions on where I stand with an appointment to USMA would be much appreciated!
    (Below is everything that will be on my application by the time of submission next year)

    4yrs Varsity Cross Country
    *3yrs as a Captain
    2yrs Varsity Tennis
    2yrs Varsity Golf

    6yrs of playing the piano
    5yrs as a member of band
    National Honor Society Member
    Math team member
    Attended Girls State
    Frequent volunteer at local Blood Bank
    Part time job as a lifeguard, throughout the year
    Member of School's Leadership class as well as holding a class senate position

    Un-weighted GPA=3.8
    I have yet to take my SAT
    Have taken many honors classes and AP classes(AP English Lang., AP U.S. History, AP Calculus, AP English Lit.), as well as both Chemistry and Physics.

    I have practiced the CFA test(scores below) but strive to improve.
    -I am a Female

    Mile Run=7:01min
    Push Ups=33
    Sit Ups=100
    BB Throw=40ft
    Pull Ups=1
    Shuttle run=9.5sec
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    Can't speak to BB throw or Shuttle but your other CFA scores look pretty good to me. Keep improving. The rest looks strong but more leadership roles will always help. Academics look good but SAT/ACT scores will be big so prepare. Try both and plan on doing them multiple times. You look like you have the potential to be a strong candidate to me. Girl's State will help. My son always wanted to attend Girl's State! :rolleyes:

    Good Luck! :thumb:
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    Work on the CFA! Strive for the maximums, not the averages. You have a long time to prepare for it, so get to it now! Apply for SLE when the applications come out. Your GPA looks solid, as well as your courses taken. In regards to the SAT/ACT take them as soon as possible. You will be able to gauge where you are and whether or not you need to improve. Leadership potential looks good: Girls State, Captain Position and involvement in student government are all positives. Try to get recruited in one of those sports; being a recruited athlete helps with admissions. Hope this helps!

    Here are the CFA Standards:
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