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    Hello to All!

    Well, new to this website and forums - hope to gain as much info as possible to help prepare my son as well as myself for the years ahead!

    I've posted on another board my immediate need for help from anyone in Maryland (Anne Arundel County) who has been successful in getting the Police Check form filled and signed.

    No one that we have spoken to will do this. We've got until the 28th (that means sending back prior to) to accomplish this.

    Haven't been able to get anyone to help us on the Police side of things, not even the Army Base we live just outside the front gate is able to assist, and Admission hasn't returned my phone calls. So...I'm doing what military families have done for decades....I'm counting on my 'military family' to keep offering suggestions and any possible experience (not to discredit anyone not from MD...but it appears that MD is not like any other state where you could go into the police station and have them run a quick check for anything outstanding) that might help with this last task in order to complete his packet.

    UGH! I'm normally such a positive I'm not going to dwell...fellow spouses...current cadets...and 'parent survivors' of predicaments such as mine...HELP!

    Mrs. V
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    Hi, my son will also be up at USMAPS this summer and we had a similar experience. Persistence worked was the key!

    My son dropped the papers on my desk one Friday morning saying that his MALO said to get the paperwork filled out immediately and he had to go to school.... I said wait a minute! How can I get your records? Too late, thanks Dad, he was out the door leaving this task on a Friday, for me!

    OK, it's winding down now and I'll do one more thing like a good father should. lol

    I read the paperwork and this site before deciding that, the instructions were vague and therefore...path of least resistance would be my start! In our town, the Sheriffs Department is the local PD, I started with the desk clerk gal (behind the bulletproof glass and 5 people talking on my side) and when I mentioned what it was for, she had no idea. She called a supervisor over and that's when she noticed it was only a simple background check for the military, specifically West Point. The supervisor wanted proof that I was this minors father or guardian and my DL and signing an affidavit was good enough. It started to work from there, they ran a Departmental records check on him and stamped his paperwork "No Record on File, IR Sheriffs Department" She then told me I needed to go to the Motor vehicle department across town to have them stamp the DL stuff, and that I probably need a Juvenile and Felony check covered to be complete. It was the same thing at the MV Department (big surprise huh? lol) Well finally when I explained: (again, this is key) "This is a military background check for entrance to West Point", they loosened up. Next step was Juvenile, they kind of knew what I wanted there and did the check and stamped the paper. I now had three stamps on the paper and the last was the hardest, Felony. Their Department was very hostile and they wanted to know why I wanted a felony records check for a 17 year old, that wasn't even with me. Proved he was my son and at school, they still were hesitant. She started talking about a formal request from a law enforcement agency and a fee...yadda yadda yadda... Looked bad and it was about 3:00pm on a Friday.... I then explained it again, this is for admission to West Point Prep school and it's a military background check. She said she'd have to ask her supervisor.
    I thought it was over at that point and I was on a roll too! Just then, I see is a guy (her supervisor, coat in hand...after 3pm remember...) and I noticed his ID badge necklace was a "GO ARMY" one and I knew I was golden! He took one look at it and told her, "No fee, military check, have a nice weekend!

    Persistence and the right prompting was necessary to complete this task, instructions and authority are too vague.
    BTW, it doesn't really count anywho! They get a full FBI background check while in for their security clearance; so I would say even if you get only one law enforcement agency to run a records check, you should be good to go proving he or she has no criminal record.

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