USMMA Boxing?

Dec 6, 2022
Does the USMMA have a boxing team?

I don’t see any info about it on the website, but I figure I’ll double check. If there was one that is no longer active, do you think it likely that I could restart it as a Plebe or 3/c?

I asked a similar question about the USCGA, but I’d like to know for the USMMA as well.

Not sure if they do it any longer, but in my Plebe year, we had boxing as a PE class.
Current Plebe here. One of my shipmates just stated the KP Boxing club this year. In addition, you'll do a bit (like 2-3 days) of boxing and sparring in self-defense class. The club supplies gear and will teach you how to box. Good luck with your appointment!