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    Jul 9, 2017
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    In just a month our son will be a sponsored prep for the USMMA at MMI. If he already had a nomination for the USMMA does he need to get it again? Also does he need to take the ACT/SAT again?
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    Apr 13, 2016
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    You probably want to contact the sponsoring office or person. But, with the caveat that I am not sure, but, I believe you do need both. MMI can also advise you.
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    Yes your DS will need another nomination. He should contact his nominating source from this year and let them know he is a sponsored prep. Each office handles it differently as far as how much of the application he has to re-do for next year. He should handle it before he leaves because his extra time will be very limited at prep school.
    He will study for and re-take SAT while at prep school. Most of the prep schools have special classes just for that purpose. Good luck!
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    KPmom2013 is right. My DS did a year at MMI and it was great. (Not at the time for him...but in the long run it really helped.) We were under the impression that if he "got good grades" that was all that was needed. Not exactly. Your DS will need another nomination and retake the SATs. MMI and USMMA admissions will help with all of the "paperwork." We were continually told "not to worry"...that as long as his grades were good and he didn't get into trouble, he'd be okay. Well, we worried and the waiting (for official word) was stressful. I think there were 14 sponsored USMMA SAPs at MMI when my DS attended and 13 made it to USMMA. (the only one that didn't failed some classes.) The bad thing about MMI is there is nothing to do in Marion, Alabama. The good news is that means they will have plenty of time to study. I'll tell you, the same that I was long as he keeps his nose clean and studies hard, he'll be okay and join the USMMA class of 2022. But we're are going to stress for another whole year! Good luck!
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