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    Hi-once you have submitted your final application- when will be the next time you hear from the academy. I understand you have to get nominated but will they tell you are 3q/wait listed/application received.... Etc?thanks
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    Jun 12, 2013
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    Your next contact might be a Candidate Visit Weekend invite email.
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    Jan 6, 2013
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    When They Are Ready

    STEP 1. Breath and organize your thoughts. Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April... (215 and a wake-up)

    a. Have you had your B&G interview? If yes go to b.

    b. Wait for your DoDMERB information.

    c. Set your DoDMERB / Concord information up. Once your done with that go to d.

    d. Complete your physical.

    e. Wait for DoDMERB to issue what you "HOPE" will be your 1st Q.

    f. Have you taken your CFA? This is what you "HOPE" will be your 2nd Q.

    g. The board as I understand it has already started meeting. They will issue what you "HOPE" to be your 3rd Q. That said I'm not certain how this information is released.

    h. Apply and get a nom... You will need this with your 3Q's

    i. When your between all periods of waiting go back to STEP 1.

    Look for follow-up feeds to my a through i thought process. There might be some re-adjusting of how I noted things. There may even be a few things I did not note. In the end when all else fails...go back to STEP 1.

    There is an old Navy term when you become a short timer with less than a year left to serve.

    It goes a little like this (counting today 9/12):

    215 days and a wake-up. ---- !!April 15th!! This is when all shall know.

    Because your trying to get in and want to know what's next, everything will happen between now and 215 and a wake-up.

    Its a process if they need something from you they will let you know; however, a through i is a baseline of events that should follow with your application now being complete.

    Hope this helps. Again look for others redirecting my thoughts.

    Good luck, I wish all you kids the very best.
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    ^^^^ luv that!
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    here here! :smile:
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    Jun 17, 2013
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    Just sent the 3 packets out this morning to our MOC/Senators. Must remember to breath in and out. The DodMERB and CFA have been completed. The waiting game begins. DS also applied for NROTC Marine Corp Option.

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