USNA Pres Nomination


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Nov 15, 2008
I just logged on today at the candidate site and under the nominations section it has listed the Presidential nomination and that I received it on Nov 6th. I tracked the postage letter and the postal service says that the letter got to the academy on Oct 6th, I am surprised that I would receive the nomination so fast (within 6 days?) and so I'm wondering if this is just telling me that they have received and processed my nomination or that I have actually obtain the nomination.
My daughter also received her presidential nomination on 11/6. And from what I understand that is the yes you do have a nomination...congratulations. Now what you're doing is competing for an appointment using that nomination. Good Luck.
Ok Thank you very much, now for my next question my congressman doesn't hold his interview until December should I tell them that I already have a nomination, or is it better to have more than one?
No, you should get as many nominations as possible. I am not sure if you should tell your congresspeople about the pres. nomination. I think they have access to that info through the updates they get from the Naval Academy. Help BGO! Ravon's question is a good one and I would also like to know, should my daughter tell the congressmen about her pres. nomination?
I would not tell them about the Pres nom unless asked. Pres noms are non-comptetitive -- if you're qualified for one, you get one. It is VERY important to try to get MOC noms. Thus, you don't want to give the MOCs a reason not to give you one.

Obviously, if asked if you have another nom, you should indicate that you do. But it's not something I suggest you volunteer.