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    When I attended the 2015 USNA NESA STEM Jamboree last week with my Boy Scout troop, my growing interest for the Naval Academy soared from where it had been originally with this exciting exposure to the campus and the Brigade. At a prospective candidate seminar with a few Midshipmen and Blue-and-Gold officers, eighth graders, freshmen, and sophomores were urged to apply to the USNA STEM Program for 2015. Knowing that applications had opened on the 5th and it was the 18th of January, I applied as soon as possible, hoping that my still-considerably-early application could aid in my admission.
    First, can anyone tell me if they have already been accepted? Thank you. Second, I would appreciate if someone could chance me for this program:
    • I am currently a white freshman in high school in suburban New Jersey
    • I attend a competitive high school with a prominent focus on science
    • After taking my first PSAT, I received a 195 combined (70 W, 70 CR, 55 Math)
    • I have taken Honors English since 7th grade (E7, E8, E9)
    • I have taken Honors pre-algebra and combined algebra (I & II)
    • My UWGPA is a 3.9
    • I have participated in 3+ club, intramural, or other program sports
    • I have participated in 2 Varsity sports (XC and winter track, gaining a letter in XC)
    • I have been in student government, class council, HOSA, Science club, science Olympiad, community service, am a Life Scout in Boy Scouts, participate in band, chorus, marching band, and indoor drumline
    Thank you to anyone who reads this.
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    Not really sure how they look at admissions for STEM and summer seminar programs but I think you are good to go. Just a heads up these programs aren't really indicative of your competitiveness for the academy itself!!
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    Likewise I would not be comfortable predicting your selection for STEM 2015, and I confirm hopeful's heads up statement regarding not only STEM but also NASS. I do strongly recommend you follow up on your refreshed interest in NAVY by meeting soon with your guidance/college placement counselor and start laying out your curriculum for the remainder of your high school years. This is important so that you know what courses you should be taking and when. Too often latecomers to the service academy arena run into problems with courses that are not available when they need them, so get this in order for yourself. Another thing you should do is prepare yourself to start taking the ACT/SAT exams around the fall of your sophomore year; it is early, but it is to your advantage to start early. Also, plan to take both sets of exams as they are slightly different and you might discover one is more advantageous to you than the other. Keep in mind that NAVY only looks at scores from the math and verbal exams, and the math exam is more critical. Briefly, you need algebra I and II, plane geometry, calculus, trigonometry, chemistry with lab, physics, and grammar and composition courses that help you with vocabulary, and written expression. These courses should be taken at the highest level at which they are available, and AP aces Honors.
    Keep up your participation in school sports, government, and community service activities, and aim for leadership opportunities. Your ECA's will be important to you. Also ensure that you pursue an effective physical training regimen; you will find that your physical condition will be important to your overall performance as a midshipman.
    Log onto which is USNA's gift shop and check the books available. You will find a book referred as the Candidate's Guide to the Naval Academy. This book can be a tremendous help to your efforts as a candidate. It looks at the process from the standpoint of academics, nominations, etc, and will give you answers and insights into the hows and whys of applying and competing in the admissions process.
    Best wishes to you, and take advantage of your early recognition of your interest in becoming a midshipman and an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps.

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