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Nov 4, 2016
I am wanting to visit the academy over the summer to take a tour, speak with an admissions officer (briefing) and explore the city. -->

I am thinking about going over the week of the 2nd-8th of July because my parents have the week off and they dont feel comfortable with me making a 4 day drive by myself. I know the academy is closed over the 4th of July, but my only concern is how crowded and busy it might be during this week and with plebe summer going on. I want to get the most out of my 4 day trip on the road. How busy will the academy be during this week? Also, is there anything else anyone might recommend around the city?

Your profile indicates you were an unsuccessful candidate this year. If that's the case, perhaps your BGO can reach out to Admissions and set up a meeting with your Regional Admissions officer , and he/she can give you some feedback on your application. That would be more worthwhile than the standard Admissions briefing, alot of which you can learn right here !

As for visiting Annapolis --there is a thread here about where to eat in Annapolis.. There are too many great places to single one out. I love visiting !

Finally, I note the Eagle Scout pin in your photo. Congrats !
I'm still in the running, but I'm preparing for the worst since very few come off the Wait List. The main reason for the trip was to see where I can improve on the application, but also visit the school. I will definitely try to set up the meeting with the Regional Admissions Officer if that is indeed more worthwhile. Thank you!
Annapolis is really only a city in the legal sense..... It's really more of a town, and not a huge one at that. That being said, it's not too far from DC or Baltimore, so if you run out of things to do in town (which you probably will), you can visit either of those places pretty easily. You can pretty much see everything on the USNA campus worth seeing/open to the public in the course of an afternoon.
If you run out of things to do and are interested in commissioning as a Marine officer, you might consider visiting the USMC museum in Quantico. Plan on spending an entire day. Hell, I'd recommend it to everyone even if they don't want to commission. You should also be able to visit Q-town even though you will have to go through the main gate, which you can see from the museum.

DS was able to do a visit during the summer in half a day. He decided not to complete his application. The suggestion to try to get together with the Regional Admissions officer is a good one.
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