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    There are many VA benefits from VA mtgs to disability, however I think it is important for candidates, cadets and AD to understand that there are qualifiers and how the system works.

    I am a lowly spouse, so I will start the discussion from a limited perspective.

    1. VA loans.

    You not only need time in service, but also a certain credit score to use this perk.

    If you use it for the 1st time it is a 1% funding fee. This is rolled into the mtg. If you use it again it is a 3% fee.

    Vets with disabilities can get the 3% fee waived, but the min credit score cannot be waived.

    2. Disability pay

    ~ Your check is tied to the % of the disability that the DoD has acknowledged.

    10% disabled means 10% retirement check is not taxable.

    ~ It could take 6+ months to get it and multiple VA doc visits.

    ~ You may be required to have the VA validate it yrly.

    That is my limited knowledge and any one who wants to discuss the VA bennies go for it!

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