Varsity Letters

Jan 26, 2016
My school oddly does not give out varsity letters. I have played varsity athletics in soccer and track. I have been elected to be the captain for next year in track, but how much will it hurt to not have varsity letters?
They want to know how many years did you make and compete on a varsity team, and for which sports. The fact that you don't actually get the patch wont matter. Someone from your school will need to confirm your varsity sports and years, just as they will need to confirm all other HS activities.
The Naval Academy is a leadership school. You have been elected Captain of your track team. The key question that will likely come up in your BGO interview will be "What did you do with the position that demonstrates leadership?" You have the title but what will you do that showcases your skills as a leader? Plan and execute a strategy.
Since your school apparently doesn't award varsity letters, I would be prepared to talk about your RESULTS in whatever sports you participated in. As an example, if you were a distance runner, how often did you qualify for regional or state meets, what place did you finish in those events, did you set any school/district/state records.........etc. Track consists of many events and no one participates in all of them. Apply that same explanation for whatever Track event(s) you were part of. These are rhetorical questions for you to consider, I am not asking you to post your results here.
These kind of stats should be included in the comments section of the activities record (i.e. 2 time NY state champion in 800m run; 8 time cross-country all-county 1st team). As time2 mentioned, these questions could come up in BGO and MOC interviews, as well.
Thanks for the replies I was just wondering what people thought because Letters are like a big component of the application. And I'll make sure I'll put my times down I own the school records for long jump so I think that helps.