Virtual Admissions Tours of USAFA


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Jul 26, 2008
Hello everyone!

USAFA Admissions is putting together some virtual tours of USAFA and they are inviting interested students to sign up and join them for a really excellent "Q&A" time as well as a great tour of the facility!

I'm going to post the message below that was given to ALO's. And if anyone is wondering, yes, I was told that I could post this for all to see.

As you talk to students about USAFA, please invite them to our virtual Admissions tours scheduled through the end of August and we will be posting the September schedule in the coming weeks. Please sign up via this direct link: or through, under "Let's Meet," then "Admissions Events".

Wednesday, 29 July
Friday, 31 July
Monday, 3 August
Friday, 7 August
Monday, 10 August
Thursday, 13 August
Monday, 17 August
Friday, 21 August
Monday, 24 August
Thursday, 27 August
Monday, 31 August

All tours below are hosted on Zoom and begin at 1400 MST to include:
- Full USAFA admissions briefing
- Q&A session with a counselor and Admissions Advisors
- Link to’s virtual tour for students to explore on their own (AAs stand by on zoom to answer any questions that come up from the tour)
- Cadet Ambassador who is available to answer questions about current cadet life (subject to availability)


Dec 17, 2019
I went on a virtual tour in early July and loved it. If you have any spare time, I would highly recommend it to any applicant who is curious about the specifics of life at USAFA. I have wanted to go to USAFA since I was a little kid, so I have done my research; however, I learned a TON of new things on the tour!