Visit to the Yard


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Aug 20, 2007
Just returned from my first visit to USNA. Son was there for CVW.

Very impressed with all I saw and heard, but did have an overall impression that the security was a lot more lax than I expected for a military facility.

So many tours to the right and left of us I thought we were at some tourist trap. Busses full of tours blocking the entrance while dropping off, boy scouts, grade schools, people were everywhere. Big trucks making deliveries.

In this post 9/11 era, I guess I was just a little surprised. Did I miss something?
Although I didn't see all of that when I went a few weeks ago, I too was a bit surprised.
If I'm not mistaken, USNA is the most public and open out of the 5 service academies.
Some security on some bases is a little surprising. Also, some security you will not see.

My car was searched "randomly" aka, only after I presented my military ID. I guess the squids wanted to slow down the progress of a Coastie...

My experience with Kings Point was that it was pretty open.
Right after 9/11, they went back to USMC guards (vs. JimmyLegs). However, the needs of the war meant that, after a few years, it was back to the civilians. This is not so say they don't do a good job. . .

My guess (and it's only that) is that this is the compromise b/t the desire to be open for tourists, Annapolitans, etc. and the need for security in today's world. There is certainly more security today than when I was there. Which may not be saying much. As we used to say, security was to keep us in, not keep others out. :yllol:
While the security at the gates is fairly relaxed, they have upgraded a lot of physical security features since my plebe year. It is now much harder for unauthorized people to gain access to any area of Bancroft Hall besides the Rotunda. Additionally, they've also installed many more cameras around the yard, which has definitely put a damper on wall-jumping. Like usna1985 said, they really have to balance the tourist attraction nature of the academy with the need for security. They've definitely made significant improvements, as it is now much easier than I would've thought to "lock down" the academy in case of emergency.