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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Patriot95, Nov 2, 2012.

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    I'm a junior in high school, I was just wondering if it's too early for me to start visiting AROTC programs at certain schools. I have one scheduled for one next Tuesday at the University of Cincinnati. Also when I go to visit should I just wear casual clothes or what and what should I expect to be doing during the visit?
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    I would dress in Sunday attire.. khakis and a polo will be fine.

    I personally don't think it is too early because if I recall correctly for AROTC they open the files in Feb. your jr. yr.

    I would suggest that if you have the chance to call on Monday and ask to meet some MSIII or IV cadets at that time.

    Dets have unique personalities, just like every college campus has a unique feel.

    Ask your folks to meet you somewhere later on campus (student union, etc) while you do this portion. The reason is simple, cadets show a lot of respect to an older generation. You also may feel more uncomfortable asking certain questions with your folks there...i.e. are you really going to ask will I have time to play Xbox with my friends? If they are not with you it is a peer to peer conversation.

    Additionally by meeting them somewhere after, you get to walk the campus by yourself like you would next Sept. I have 3 kids and have done the tours, college kids know you are in HS, it is a blaring sign...Mom, Dad and kid = hs student. Kid by their self is not the same, you blend in with them. You get more of a personal feel regarding your future. IMPHO, I also think it is a great academic motivator at your age. Now it is reality and you can taste it because for 30-60 minutes you were just like any college kid on campus, freedom you never envisioned. That SAT score you need for admission is your goal.
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    Visiting AROTC

    I agree it is not too early to visit. Your Senior year will be busy with many things. I would contact the ROTC unit and ask them what you will be doing. Then you can prepare in advance. My first son was also able to attend a lab so he brought BDU's (Navy) and boots to wear. He did show up in nice slacks and a sweater. He was able to meet with Professors, ROTC students and he had a chance to come back a second time and stay over night. You should ask if there is a chance for an overnight. My son was asked by three different units to do an overnight.

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