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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by DanGir, Apr 16, 2012.

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    My DS is a sophomore in high school and is interested in USMA. We live less than two hours away from West Point. Is there much to gain from visiting and having to take a guided 2 hour tour through
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    West Point is a beautiful place and full of wonderful history. Yes! Visit if you can and I think the 2-hour tour is excellent! When your son is able to open a file with West Point, he can make a day visit and shadow a plebe. I think the more you know about West Point, the better you are able to decide if it's for you.

    I also recommend a visit to FDR's home and the Vanderbilt mansion in Hyde Park! The Hudson River Valley is spectacular! Orange County Choppers is nearby as well and it's fun to watch them film the American Choppers TV show.
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    DanGir, the bus tour is actually really informative and worthwhile- I'm not normally a bus tour kind of gal but I liked this one enough to do it on two separate occasions! There are some other cool things to do while you are there: visitor's center is interesting, as is the WP museum. All are right outside Thayer Gate. The Thayer is a nice place for a meal- outside in the good weather, and brunch is especially good.

    There are a couple of other options for visiting on post. During the summer there are concerts that are open to the public at Trophy Point. Check me on this- I think they occur on July 4 (with fireworks over the river) and on most Sunday evenings. And during the school year you can schedule a day visit with Admissions. This includes time shadowing a cadet for your child and a cadet-led tour for parents, siblings, etc.

    Despite living hundreds of miles away we have visited multiple times and learned new things, taken more in each time. Do it!
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    The bus tour would provide an excellent initial glimpse of the campus though it is not the same thing as a campus visit which is part of the admissions process. Our tour guide was the wife of a USMA graduate and current professor. I recommend doing it when USMA is in session so you can get a better sense of the atmosphere.

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