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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by wp_usna, Jul 5, 2014.

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    During the summer, is West Point considered an open campus? In one week, I plan on visiting West Point but I do not want to take the tour put on by the visitors center, rather I would like to just walk around and take it in by myself. Is that at all possible or do we have to be accompanied by the tour? Thanks!
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    Much of the central campus area is closed and the only way to see it is through an Admissions Tour.

    West Point itself is a historical site and there is much to see. You will have to go through a vehicle search and insurance, registration and license verification at the gate.
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    Not sure why you don't want to take one of the tours through the Visitors' Center---they are excellent. The 2-hour tour gives you a wonderful look at the beauty and history of West Point. When the tour stops at The Plain, you get a good view of many of the academic buildings, the library, and Washington Hall.
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    Highly recommend the tour.
    We finally took the tour Grad week. We had walked around West Point plenty during the prior 4 years, but we learned a lot from the tour.
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    Dixie and buff are right: invest the two hours and then you can walk around a bit afterwards if you want. We've done the tour 3 or 4 times the past couple of years when we bring family or friends for a football weekend. Plus we did it with son when he first started looking at WP, as are you now. Each tour guide has their own anecdotes and areas of focus or interest that they stress so even doing the tour several times we've always learned something new each time. Good luck with your college search whether it leads to West Point or elsewhere!

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