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Jul 9, 2006
Planning to visit WP this Saturday on our way to New England..... we have been there once before to the visitors center only summer of 2001..... she was only 13 then and that is when she fell in love with West Point..... we had to drag her away!

Wondering if the tour is worth taking..... or if she should just wait to make a visit this fall as a candidate.... I believe she can spend the day there and eat lunch, go to class etc..... we live about 3 hrs away so getting there if relatively easy.
If it weren't Saturday I would suggest that you visit the admissions office. At USNA, when candidates visit, I always suggest they think up a question for an excuse to drop by admissions. Later on, a name-to-face relation might be invaluable. Also, if they are not busy they have been known to pull out the candidate's package and review it.
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If you're there anyway, go ahead and take the bus tour. That way you can all see it together. We did it the day before R-Day and loved it. Then you can go across the street and eat at Schade's. There's also a hot dog joint with what seems like 100+ varieties of ways to prepare hot dogs. I don't especially like hot dogs, but I love this place. And they have sweet potato fries. mmmmm
Thanks..... we are going to try to get there at 9 am sharp... and we are gonna wing it. Will definitely consider the bus tour if we have time.....

She still has to get to Annapolis........I think she is going to aim for a Tues or Thurs. in August.... I will definitely have her go to admissions.
Justamom, curious about your thoughts after the visit! Hope all went well. Write us a few lines when you get a chance.
I'm back.... was not intending to be away for week, but we are the "sandwich generation" either caring for our children or our parents!

West Point was, of course, impressive and awesome. We drove into Highland Falls past Camp Buckner and all the Army training grounds.... something like 15,000 acres they use. She thought all of that was really cool and exciting...

We arrived at the visitors center just before they opened and booked our 1 hour tour. At the visitors center she watched the video of 2005 CBT two times..... she was excited and fascinated... She was disappointed in the photo display of athletics because it was all pictures of football players ...except for one basketball picture....

The bus tour was well worth the hour. Our tour guide was a wealth of knowledge. It was a beautiful day and the grounds were spectacular. We could not tour the chapel because of a wedding so we went to the parade ground and saw the "chain" and cannons. Got quite a history lesson.

One note... according to our tour guide, this year the Army offered first choice to any graduating cadet who signed up for 8 years active duty. This to increase the ranks of experienced officers.... some 300 took the offer. MY daughter thought that was a good deal and said well they might as well stay until retirement then!

She had a great time and can't wait to email her MALO when she gets back....
she is stopping by New London with her big sis on her way home today.... and we are off to Annapolis next week. She wants to get there before her BGO interview.....
Ha ha you sure she wants to be diggin ditches next summer? ha ha..just kidding good luck no matter what she chooses.:shake:
LOL... Surely you know that none of this is about what I want! I can just plant the seed......................
Very's great she's getting to see all of them. It will help her in her decision-making. Good luck!:w00t: