VMI Financial Aid Analysis


Jan 4, 2015
I was wondering if someone could help me understand the Financial Aid Letter that VMI sends out and how it works with ROTC Scholarships and VMI finances in general? I have a 4 year AROTC to the Institute and received some money through a VA State Grant and VA Local Scholarship in my financial letter. First off, I'd like to confirm if anyone knows whether or not the VA grant/scholarship will be for all four years? Second, is it best to cover room and board or tuition with the ROTC Scholarship with respect to having the other grant/scholarship? And lastly, does the AROTC Scholarship extend to the Auxiliary Fees (Athletic, Medical, Cadet Facilities/Activities) and/or the Quartermaster Charges (Laundry/Pressing, Haircuts, Uniforms/UMA Activities) or anything alongside tuition or room & board? Sorry for all the questions. My family and I were a bit confused as to what exactly is and isn't covered so just want to make sure everything is and will be financially set. Thank you for your time and assistance, have a nice day!
While I do have a cadet at VMI, I don't know the answers to your questions. However, the financial aid department at VMI is really wonderful. Call or email them - they will be fast with a response, and will be far more accurate to your personal situation and info than anyone on this forum could be.

Congrats on VMI - it's an amazing place!
@army2021 If you have time during the school day, you should call the Financial Aid office at VMI like EOD/SEALmom stated above, they are tremendously helpful and can advise you on how to use your different grants and scholarships to maximize their benefit to you.
Don't be shy. You are admitted and they want to help you.
And really, it is confusing...VMI has so many different fees!
One of the FA department directors told me it covers Tuition and Auxilliary fees but not the Quartermaster charges or Room and Board.
We were told at open house weekend that ROTC covers tuition but not room and board. I believe they will walk you through it if you call.
My now first class cadet started VMI with a 3 year AROTC scholarship that was upgraded to a 4 year September of rat year. The only bill we pay is room and board. His AROTC scholarship has covered all tuition and all fees. Of course, this may have changed and Financial Aid would have those answers.