VMI New Market Battle Commemoration

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    Today is the annual memorial parade held at VMI to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of New Market- fought in 1864 . In that battle the VMI Cadet corps was mobilized and marched approximately 80 miles north to face a Union Army under Gen Siegel marching up the Valley. At Harrisonburg they joined a Confederate army under Gen Breckenridge. On May 15th at the town of New Market they were sent into the line as a unit and conducted a charge across 150 yard mud field that resulted in 10 Cadets being killed and 55 wounded out of 257 engaged, and 2 Union guns captured.
    The ceremony is a moving one- and while it commemorates a Confederate battle- at this point it really is celebrated to remember all VMI Alumni who have served our country.
    The ceremony includes a Parade, the reading of the roll call ( "Cadet...: Atwill; Cabell;Crockett; Hartsfield ;Haynes; Jefferson;Jones; McDowell; Stanard ;Wheelwright"- "Died on the field of honor sir" ) and a wreath laying and the playing of taps at the Statue of "Virginia Mourning Her Dead". It's doubly moving, because in the case of this year's graduating class - it's the last Parade they will march in at VMI before their graduation tomorrow. So Congratulations to the class of 2012:thumb:
    "Atwill; Cabell;Crockett; Hartsfield ;Haynes; Jefferson;Jones; McDowell; Stanard ;Wheelwright"-
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    I was at the New Market Battlefield some years ago and had the opportunity to observe the positions from where the cadets launched their charge and from the position of the guns they were charging. It's an incredible uphill run across open ground against guns which cannot possibly be outflanked. It took incredible courage to make that charge. A courage that VMI cadets have shown both before and since. Our country owes a great debt of gratitude to all of VMI's fallen.
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    It must be a moving parade for these cadets

    A great reminder to those commisioning, Congrats and God Speed to the VMI graduates.

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