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    I saw some VMI Cadets in Lexington and some of them had chevrons, some stripes, others with chevrons and blocks with stripes in them.
    Is there anyone on this forum that could explain what the ranks are (to the best of your ability) and how one might reach such a rank or status?
    All help is much appreciated.
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    To make sure this post isn't 5 paragraphs long I'll just break it down very quickly.

    CPLs - two chevrons on wrist
    CLERK - two chevrons, one horizontal diamond
    Color CPL - two chevrons, one star underneath
    SGT - two chevrons on shoulder
    OPSGT - two chevrons up, one down
    MSG - two chevrons up, one horizontal bar connecting chevron ends
    1SG - two chevrons, horizontal diamond underneath
    Color SGT - two chevrons, one star
    SGM - two chevrons, one star, one rocker underneath (I believe)
    LT/Company XO - three chevrons
    CPT/Company CO - four chevrons
    Battalion XO - four chevrons
    Battion CO - five chevrons
    Regimental XO - five chevrons
    Regimental CO - six chevrons

    Regimental Staff:

    However many stripes/rockers,etc depends on the position.

    S-1 = Adjudant - chevrons on top, long rockers on bottom
    S-2 = Academics - chevrons on top, box with vertical bars (small boxes)
    S-3 = Operations - chevrons on top, reversed chevrons
    S-4 = Supply - chevrons on top, horizontal bars on bottom
    S-5 = Public Relation - chevrons on top, small rockers on bottom
    S-6 = Athletics - chevrons on top, dot in the middle, small rockers on bottom
    S-7 = Cadet Life - chevrons on top, box on bottom w/ diagonal bars inside.

    Fourth Class year apply for rank. If you're selected you will be trained in that specific area of expertise. Don't do anything stupid, keep you grades up, etc. Ride the pipeline upwards reaching either LT. or CPT First class year. Just like when you get into the real military once you reach a certain rank/pay grade everything becomes very much more political.

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