VMI rat knowledge

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Aug 18, 2008
I was just wondering if there are any online forms of any useful rat information. I know USMA has bugle notes and the citadel surprisingly sells their knob knowledge book. I'm not looking to buy anything. I understand I have to know whomever the current governor of VA is. The closest thing I have come across is a rat bible from the late 80's.
Sorry, I don't know anything about VMI's rat knowledge. But as for The Citadel...

They do sell the knob knowledge book, and they have it online too. The site is structured like Wikipedia, but is just for knob knowledge. It's pretty cool.
Yes, you'll have to know the name of the Governor of Virginia. The reason behind that makes sense, if you think about it: since we're a state school, he's our Commander In Chief, not the President. Faculty and Staff who hold rank may or may not have served in the military, but they hold rank in the Virginia Militia (Unorganized).

VMI does not sell The Bullet, more commonly known as the "Rat Bible," and I've never seen any kind of compilation of Rat Bible knowledge in one place online. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you end up coming here, it'll be issued to you on the first night you're here. Even if you were able to find one ahead of time, it may not do you much good in the end. Some of the information stays the same, but some of it changes from year to year.

And that's just about as much as I'm willing to tell you, for fear of cheapening an important part of the Ratline experience for you. :smile: