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Sep 21, 2008
I looked over the Vice presidental nomination on www.whitehouse.gov and I have a couple questions:

1. Do we just print out the model and fill in your information or do we need to write your own letter.

2. Do we actually send it to the White House?
Here is the link for the application to request a nomination from the Vice President: http://www.whitehouse.gov/vicepresident/2009_Academies_Application.pdf

You may print the form letter and fill in the blanks; or copy and paste the form letter to make your own document.

Send it to the address on the form letter:

The Vice President
Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Attn: Military Academy Nominations
Washington DC 20501

The postmark deadline is October 31, 2008. :smile:

My favorite part of the application:

1) Check your application/letter to ensure you are using the correct year of entry.
2) Type application/letter or ensure hand-writing is legible.
3) Mailing address should include street, city, state, and zip code. E-mail addresses are not an authorized substitute for a mailing address.
4) If you wait till October to mail your application, please ensure your post office actually postmarks the letter. Close to a hundred applications each year are not processed due to no postmark, postmark that is not readable, or no month/day stamped on postmark. Mail is delayed up to 2 weeks on average due to screening process. Postmarks are used to verify if candidate makes the deadline even if our office does not receive it until November/December.
So if what I read is correct in the VP application papers, all that I should send to the Vice President is the letter requesting his nomination? Nothing else?

Does the same go for the Presidential nomination?
yes. the deadline is tomorrow, hurry.

You apply for a Presidential nomination through the admissions office.
Your military parent must submit paperwork proving that you are eligible for a pres.
Am I right in assuming that the odds of winning the VP nomination are the same as winning the lottery?